Keyboard Tray Manufacturer / Supplier

Now a days keyboard Tray is widely used at places where computers are used like offices, schools, other educational institutes, IT companies, homes etc. Keyboard Tray is used to accommodate computer keyboard below ones desk which can be slide outside the desk when one need to work on the computer and after work it can be slide inside the desk which provides more space on the desk.

Manufacturing process:

Keyboard Tray is manufactured by using mild steel sheet metal as raw material. It has good strength and durability. Following are the stages in manufacturing process of Key board Tray.

• Blank size cutting - First of all, blank size from sheet metal is cut by using die and punch on power press for Key board Tray.
• Corner cutting - After getting blank size, its corners are need to be cut for getting required bending operation done.
• Bending - Now bending operation is done as per design and required dimensions using bending die on power press.
• Powder Coating - Now the powder coating of Keyboard Tray is done to protect it from rust and giving a better aesthetics which involves cleaning the job with suitable chemical so that no dust is present on its surface which ensures a smooth finish of powder coating
• Packing - After powder coating, Finished product of Keyboard Tray is ready which is now packed in good quality box along with all necessary fasteners and slides.